Open Mind. Open Heart.

Posted by Kelleher International on Jun 23, 2017 3:30:00 AM

Open hearts and open minds are the holy grail of matchmaking. Of course, fostering those two qualities takes time and mindful effort. But together, the two can promote blissful connections and make our job as matchmakers fruitful and rewarding.  


Kimberly Colgate, Kelleher International’s Director of Matchmaking, stumbled into the love business just out of college. “I loved relationships and the human connection from early on,” she said. Kimberly majored in Psychology and Communications at UC Davis with ambitions of becoming a sex therapist. While working toward her graduate’s degree, she began working for a popular dating service.

“I fell in love with coaching and helping people on their journey to find their someone. More than 10-years later, I still get excited over a good love story and continue to passionately work through the challenges that come with getting to that point.”

One of the biggest hurdles Kimberly jumps every day is encouraging clients to stay open to possibilities.

“One of my favorite matches,” Kimberly reflected, “is the ultimate example of keeping an open mind. We had a client in New York that came to Kelleher because he wanted a matchmaker to help him filter out women who might use him for his nice lifestyle. Previously married with grown children, he hoped to find someone he felt chemistry with who was drama-free and open geographically. It was going to take someone extraordinary to grab his attention. We went out on a limb and matched him with a woman all of our matchmakers fell in love with in Poland of all places. He flew from NYC to Poland for a dinner date! The two hit it off and over a few years developed an incredible foundation for a relationship. They ended up getting married and having a baby.”

We’re not suggesting you need to fly halfway across the world for a dinner date, but rather, that an open mind is a terrible thing to waste. “I’ve been in the business long enough to say you can never know for sure when two people will be the right fit,” Kimberly confided.

Things can match up perfectly on paper and then fall flat in person, or frequently the opposite happens and the timing of what two people need at that point in their lives align the match. “As a hopeless romantic, I do believe there is someone out there for everyone. It is just a matter of timing for two people to connect. I believe the universe sends us different people at various phases in our life who deliver what we precisely need to help us grow,” Kimberly mused.

To become an excellent matchmaker, understanding clients from both the pragmatic and nuanced perspectives is essential. “It brings me joy to dive into the mindsets and daily goings on of my diverse client base.  Each person I talk to has a different story to tell or adventure to share. I love that I can be talking to a top executive of a well-known company about evening dinner plans then transition to a call about another client’s charitable passion project that’s making a global impact. I’ve received a world perspective I don't think I could get anywhere else. I learn so much about what is happening in the world from the people who are making a difference in a big way. I’m honored to see these leaders and game changers as vulnerable human beings, not just their business or celebrity persona. And to have the opportunity to connect them with the person who will ultimately add value and happiness to their life is the icing on the cake.”

When matching, it’s important to consider how each person will potentially contribute to the other in all facets of their life. “There’s always a wistful satisfaction in thinking I possibly created the next power couple,” Kimberly smiles. “You never know!”

When asked for her pro matchmaking tip, Kimberly suggested that being happy, warm, and confident sets the stage for success. And smile! It’s a fact that people who smile are more likable than their solemn counterparts. Positivity invites the right people into your life. “At the end of the day, you attract the person you project. If you’re searching for a secure, confident, happy, attractive person make sure you check your reflection before walking out the door.”

What about you? Are you ready to meet your open-hearted, open-minded match? If so, call Kelleher International and let us talk you through the process. If our matchmaking style is right for you, we’re ready to guide you on the journey. We may not always say what you want to hear, but we’ll be kind, authentic, and coach you through the tough parts to get to your happy ending.

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