Prepare for a New Relationship While You’re Still Single

Posted by Kelleher International on Jun 19, 2015 9:26:09 AM


A significant other does not “complete” you; they complement you. It’s great to build shared interests with a date, but the time to work on self-improvement is actually right now while you’re still single! Being single allows the freedom to try new hobbies, test different clothing styles, and develop your own personal interests so your date can get a better picture of who you are when it is time to start a relationship. Kelleher International has the ultimate guide to self-improvement for all singles seeking new relationships.


Be alone. This seems obvious, but it’s important to focus on solitude until it feels right to accept a new relationship. Do not force yourself into uncomfortable manufactured scenarios to convince family or friends you’re “trying.” It’s okay to be alone for whatever length of time you need. Embrace your hot new status, spend time doing things you love, and reclaim what makes you unique.


Do something exciting. You don’t have to plan activities around someone else’s interests and you don’t have to book two tickets. This is the perfect time to be selfish and do something you’ve always wanted. Ride a horse, skydive, or fly through the trees on a zip line! Get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping. You will return to your regular routine with a fresh perspective on life and an ambitious attitude to tackle any challenges life may present.


Travel. It doesn’t matter if you go around the world or to the next city over. Pick a location you’ve never visited and turn it into an adventure. Plan a city tour, take pictures, eat different food; the point is to step outside your usual routine and explore yourself in a different environment. Traveling offers many benefits. Who knows – maybe you’ll discover romantic spots for future dates.


Find your space. Many couples suffer because their individual identities are lost over the course of the relationship. Re-define yourself and designate a specific area to be “yours.” Your space might be in a corner doing yoga, in a workshop building things from wood, or at the gym; this is your time and you are allowed to complete an activity uninterrupted. People who participate in isolated activities report feeling more grounded and acknowledge a better sense of self afterward.


Reflect. Before embarking on a new relationship, evaluate your previous dates and determine what went well, what you could have done better, and ultimately how your next relationship should improve. Tiny changes to your schedule could allow more time to spend with your date.  


Take care. Good food and exercise do more than just make you look good – they make you feel better, too! As difficult as it might be, skip the triple chocolate fudge delight ice cream and dust off your athletic shoes. Try different diets to see which one best suits your lifestyle and experiment with different combinations of cardio and strength training. Reports indicate exercise might also be therapeutic for stress relief.


Toss the list. Some of the biggest limitations when starting a new relationship are the rules and restrictions you create for yourself. Rigid lists of physical attributes for a potential match might be created with good intentions, but these ultimately keep people at arm’s length and create unrealistic expectations. Instead, allow a relationship to develop naturally based on how a date makes you feel.


Life is as simple as it gets when you are single, so this is the best time to take advantage of your freedom and work on self-improvement.  It’s okay to revel in solitude for a while before pursuing a new relationship, but be sure to spend time productively. If you are ready to embark on a journey toward lasting love, contact us

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