Relationship Secrets from Fashion Guru Mary-Kate Olsen

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s_bukley / Shutterstock.comMary-Kate Olsen married beau Olivier Sarkozy in a private ceremony over Thanksgiving weekend. While Olsen and Sarkozy might seem an unlikely pair, their relationship makes a great deal of sense: Olsen is a self-starter running her own successful design business and Sarkozy is a banker of French origin who resides in the United States. Sarkozy, brother to France’s former President, Nicolas Sarkozy, is used to paparazzi and the rigors of fame that follow Olsen. Sarkozy and Olsen’s frequent trips to France, the world’s capital of fashion, are no doubt convenient for her design career. The pair have been dating for about three years; if you ask us, this wedding is long overdue! The key here is that it is possible to juggle fame, success, and a happy relationship all at the same time. Olsen conducts her life the same way she conducts her business: intelligently! Here’s what Mary-Kate Olsen can teach you about relationships:


Celebrate Your Success

“Anytime we’ve started a brand and we see people wearing it — and we haven’t given it to them — we try and take pictures of them,” said Mary-Kate in an interview given to fashion authority WWD. “The first time we saw a Row T-shirt, an Elizabeth and James piece, a handbag — we got giddy.”


True to her theories on celebrating success, Mary-Kate has never been one to hide her relationship with Sarkozy. The pair have been spotted at various sporting events over the years, even engaging in a little PDA at last year’s U.S. Open.


Keller International’s matchmakers recommend celebrating little milestones in your relationship to keep the excitement alive. Go somewhere special for your one-year anniversary, or follow in Olsen and Sarkozy’s footsteps and enjoy an intimate evening at home. Whatever you do, make sure your date feels loved and appreciated.


Build Your Own Success

Never rely on fame, connections or celebrity status to speak for you. It would have been very easy for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to let their status as child stars write their futures as successful Hollywood actresses, but instead the pair pursued another path and they now own their own successful fashion lines built from the ground up. Both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen quit acting to focus solely on their fashion line, The Row. Their brand started modestly, but quickly took off and now has more than 188 stores in 37 countries.


Like her career aspirations, Mary-Kate’s relationship is self-made. She did not date someone simply because he was convenient – she chose a life partner based on shared interests and compatibility. Sarkozy is more than capable of handling the media buzz surrounding their relationship and the pair share highly evolved business acumen. Professional dating services offer matchmaking services tailored to your personality and lifestyle.


Bye, Haters

The Olsen twins faced media scrutiny when they left Hollywood in favor of a career in fashion. Naysayers said they weren’t serious about fashion and wouldn’t be able to transition from acting to the competitive world of fashion. The Olsens were named Womenswear Designer of the Year by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in 2014 and have found a great deal success in their new careers.


Olsen’s relationship with Sarkozy has also sparked media attention due to the age difference between the fashion designer, 29, and her beau, 46. Their compatible personalities and recent nuptials are just the latest in Olsen proving critics wrong and proving success in her own life.


Trust Yourself

“We have really good instincts, and it’s better when we listen to them,” Ashley Olsen said in a WWD interview. “That’s both personal and in work.”


Mary-Kate Olsen has trusted herself to choose a life partner who complements her lifestyle and supports her ambitions. This is Sarkozy’s second marriage, which means he has also had time to reevaluate what he is looking for in a partner – traits he has clearly found in Olsen. This power couple have proved trusting yourself and listening to your instincts pay off.  


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