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Posted by Kelleher International on Jun 30, 2017 6:40:00 AM

As the years go by, we learn the art of taking things slow and savoring the waiting. Of course, we’ll still take the whirlwind and sparks of a summertime romance any day. We sat down with Kelleher International matchmaker, Sonya Robinson to get her take on love, no matter the season, and what you can do to have a summer that sizzles.

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The first lesson we learned from Sonya is that you don’t have to look far to find love, but you have to be willing to explore.

“My favorite match was for a lovely client in Florida. I introduced her to a gentleman that ended up living in her subdivision. Both had three children, and they soon realized all of their kids already knew each other and were friends. They had a whirlwind romance, blended their families under the same roof and are currently engaged to be married this summer. Life is a crazy thing, and when you’re open to exploring possibilities, pleasant surprises await,” she smiled.

Sonya’s next lesson is the classic idea of quality over quantity.

In the excitement of looking for the one, many clients go too fast breezing over quality people thinking the perfect one is next on the list. “In the age of app dating, people are too quick to judge and swipe left in anticipation of who might be next. Matchmaking doesn’t work that way. We thoughtfully choose each individual we present to our clients which means they have merit and complementary qualities we believe will appeal to you,” Sonya explained. “Sometimes it’s a match, sometimes it falls flat, but every time we learn something and together get a little closer to dialing in on your desires in a partner.”

Going into the match with an open mind is critical. Sonya added, “Make the personal decision to get more out of the matchmaking experience than just a chance at love. That way you will not only meet new and interesting people but will also have amazing experiences to take away from each match.”

Sonya’s third lesson might come as a bit of a surprise - always go on the second date.

Unless it was completely terrible, give it another chance. Some people are nervous and don’t show up well on a first encounter. Sometimes people have terrible days and choose to power through a first date instead of canceling at the last minute. You can never be sure what’s going on with someone and if there’s an inkling that you might want to learn more about a person make sure to do that. Imagine training for and then running a marathon only to stop just before the finish line. You’ve put in the time and effort and made the commitment so see it through to the end.

“It happens all the time. A client won’t want to go on a second date, and we as matchmakers push them a bit to explore and then the next time we chat they’re smitten,” Sonya laughed.

Sonya’s last lesson is easier said than done and requires mental toughness. Don’t get discouraged.

Understand how complicated and nuanced you are as a human being and know that every person you meet is equally unique in their own right. “Chemistry is the wild card - the “X” factor - that none of us can neither explain nor predict,” Sonya announced matter-of-factly. “You’ve got to hang in there and keep your spirits up if things aren’t clicking for you right away.”

Trust the process and make sure you’re having fun. Desperation is palpable. Your future partner is going to be attracted to the hopeful, upbeat, optimistic you so be that every day - you have no clue when your person is going to show up in your life. Stay present and be ready.

Are you ready to be your magnetic self this summer and explore the world of matchmaking? Sonya and the other Kelleher International matchmakers find joy in helping our clients find theirs. If you’re curious to learn more, connect with us and we’ll walk you through the process and next steps to see if it’s right for you. Don’t waste your summer pining for love. Get out there and explore!

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