The Best 10 Ways to Prepare for a Date

Posted by Kelleher International on Apr 3, 2015 8:33:38 AM


When it comes to dates, your first impression could be the difference between a romantic goodbye and the big blow-off. It takes time, preparation, and some deep breaths to get rid of the first-date jitters and let your best-self come through. Let the matchmaking experts at Kelleher International provide you with ten foolproof ways to get your head in the game and make an impression on the big date.

Meditate. It sounds like a new-age gimmick, but meditation is a great way to get your mind off work, ground yourself in what really matters, and focus on the present. Meditation performed on a regular basis is proven to reduce stress levels and increase your ability to focus.

Signature spritz. Scent is kind of a big deal. Shower as close to the time of your date as possible and use a deodorizing antiperspirant. If your deodorant is unscented, feel free to spritz some perfume or cologne - just don’t overdo it! Invest in a high-quality signature scent specifically for dates and special occasions; cheap fragrances are overwhelming and frequently cause allergic reactions. The last thing you want is to send your date into a sneezing fit!

Become a superhero. Before your date, stand with your feet apart and hands balled into fists on your hips with head held high. This is called the “Superman Pose” and research indicates standing in this power posture for several minutes can actually translate into improved performance in presentations, interviews, and even dates!

Run errands. Preparing for a date is stressful, but taking your mind off the date entirely is actually beneficial. You’ll get things done and maybe even come away with a funny story or two to tell your date later that evening.

Get enough sleep (or, at very least, caffeinate). Conversation flows so much more naturally when you’ve had enough sleep and your brain is awake enough to interact with your date. If a work emergency unexpectedly interferes with your beauty rest, try to grab an Americano (naturally low-fat and sugar-free) for an extra jolt of energy. Avoid sugary coffee drinks as the sugar crash that comes later can often be worse than your original sleepiness.

Create a game plan. The worst thing you could possibly do is show up at the designated meeting spot only to ask, “now what?” Sit down the day before your date and determine what you would like to do. If you planned an outdoor event, do you have a backup plan in case of rain or wind? If your date is allergic to shellfish, are you prepared to scrap the seafood restaurant and head to the swanky steakhouse across the street? Prepare for last-minute changes and anticipate the unexpected.

Exercise. Jogging around the neighborhood might be part of your daily routine already, but it holds special importance the day of a first date. Exercise releases endorphins and cardio can help balance your blood pressure. Not only will you be in a better mood for your date, but you will also be more relaxed and at ease. Nothing says “confidence” like a person comfortable in their own skin.

Practice. If you have an important interview coming up, it seems natural to rehearse what you will say and anticipate potential questions. If this is such a no-brainer for the business world, why do most people skip this step before dates? Take ten minutes before your date to review some talking points. Have you traveled anywhere exotic recently? Would you like to know more about your date’s background and family values? We don’t endorse sticking to the script during your date, but it will certainly help bring interesting topics to the front of your mind in case you need them later.

Be on time. When you meet a date for the first time and you are on time (or – dare we say it – early) you have sent a subconscious message: you respect your date. You are aware your date’s time is valuable and that they have designated an evening specifically for you. That says a lot. Don’t ruin your chances by showing up half-drenched in sweat twenty minutes past seven with excuses on the tip of your tongue. Our clients have no trouble getting dates; if they feel you are not respectful, it’s very easy for them to move on to someone who is.

Relax. When it comes down to it, dates are supposed to be fun! If you are on a date with “the one,” conversation flows naturally, you make each other laugh, and reaching out to hold your date’s hand feels natural. You connect on a level that transcends any friendship or fling you’ve had in the past. These moments happen because people feel comfortable. Whether you’re a nice guy used to rejection or a hot, independent individual with your pick of dates, all it takes is one special person to make that important connection.


When the logistics are taken care of, it’s so much easier to kick back and be yourself. These ten tips will help you prepare for an exciting evening out on the town with your new date. Do you feel you’re ready to meet your “special someone”? Contact us today and allow one of our elite matchmakers to locate the love of your life.

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