The Do’s and Don’ts of a First Date

Posted by Kelleher International on Feb 20, 2015 7:18:00 AM

kelleher_dos_and_dontFirst date etiquette has greatly changed over time. However, there are a few staple do’s and don’ts that individuals should follow when meeting someone new. At Kelleher International, we know how important first impressions are, especially in the world of romance. When seriously searching for someone to begin a relationship with, the first encounter together can be detrimental. Here are a few of our personal do’s and don’ts of a first date.


When preparing for the date and during the actual date, try to remember to do the following:

1. Practice chivalry. Open the car door for your date, push in their chair, walk them to their front door at the end of the date, etc. These small acts of chivalry go a long way.

2. Keep an open mind. More often than not, the best kind of dates are the ones that take us by surprise. While you might expect a typical dinner date at an upscale restaurant, your date might have something else planned entirely. Make sure you are always comfortable during the outing, but do not be afraid to try something different. Unique dates make for better memories!

3. Dress for comfort and confidence. Choose an outfit that accentuates enough to make you feel confident, but is comfortable enough to where you aren’t pulling to keep the skirt down or the blouse up. And when it comes to shoes, select a pair that is already broken in. You never know how much walking will have to be done, and nobody wants to get blisters from a first date!

4. Pay attention to what the other is saying. While it is nerve-wracking to be on a first date and it might be a little more difficult to think clearly, it is important to listen to your date and absorb what they are saying. If they tell you about a past experience or a favorite movie of theirs, bring it up later in the date to show that you were listening and that you care about their interests.


In order to avoid a bad date experience, be sure not to do the following:

1. Expect the guy to pay for everything. However, if he insists on paying, let him. Make sure he feels comfortable, appreciated and respected. Let him cover this outing if necessary, and simply insist on treating him for the second date.

2. Bring up uncomfortable topics of conversation such as exes, money, sexual history, etc. A first date should be fun and engaging. Leave them wanting more. Do not push them away with discussion that has them running for the door! If the date goes well, this is all information that can be discussed and learned about down the road.

3. Overdrink. While wine with dinner is a classy and elegant touch, just be sure to watch the number of glasses that are consumed. On a first date, it is important to remain alert. It is also critical to be yourself without hiding behind the buzz of alcohol.

4. Overthink or fantasize about the date. While one should get excited about a first date, it is important to reign in the thoughts that can carry us away. Sometimes it is all too easy to start thinking about what your lives could be together. Keep that under control and set more limited expectations.

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