The Dos and Don’ts of Holiday Dating

Posted by Kelleher International on Dec 2, 2016 11:30:48 AM

shutterstock_521580667 (2).jpgThe holidays are a time to celebrate with the people you hold dear in life. They are especially meaningful when you have special someone around who can share in your excitement about the holiday season. Our matchmaking agency gets especially busy this time of year because the holidays make people want to seek out someone to share the season with them. Because of this “holiday rush,” many couples have only just begun dating and are still testing the waters with their new partner. Navigate the holiday season like a pro this year with our tips for the best holiday outfits, gifts and even ideas to spend quality time together.


DO: Wear red. Numerous psychological studies indicate that individuals of either gender who wear red are rated as more attractive and are estimated to be more powerful and successful. Use this trick to your advantage on a night when you really want to wow your date. Red is also commonly associated with the cheerful holiday season, so you’ll fit right in!


DON’T: Underdress. Ripped jeans have no place in formal holiday functions. We recommend dark denim or slacks for men and fun, colored pants or dresses for women. When in doubt, opt for a classic look with a timeless feel that everyone will agree on. Look to your favorite holiday movies for tried-and-true outfit inspiration that will please everyone – especially your date!


DO: Dress appropriately for the weather. It’s okay to look nice for a date, but when it’s 20°F outside, a tank dress is probably not the best option – even if it does come in a cheerful holiday color. Choose something warm or dress in layers so you can take off your heavy jacket to reveal a tantalizing outfit underneath. Your date will love that you put thought into your attire.


DON’T: Borrow your date’s clothing in an attempt to keep warm. It’s commonly assumed that women are the perpetrators when it comes to borrowing clothes, but our matchmakers have heard tales of men who also accept scarves and gloves from their dates when the temperatures drop. Keep a spare set of cold-weather clothing in your car for emergencies so you are never caught off guard. It’s better to be covered and comfortable on a date than to be fashionable and frigid.


DO: Personalize your gifts. Zero in on something specific from your time together. If there is a hobby you tried together or a fun place you went together that stands out, get your date a memento to remind them of that special memory, too. Try our gift guide for new couples to get some holiday gift ideas that are easy to personalize based on your date’s unique interests.


DON’T: Give your date a gift that (not so) secretly benefits you. Ladies, avoid certificates for couple’s massages and men, avoid buying her something you wish she had around the house. Don’t opt for something that is gender generic, either. After all, not all women like bath salts or flowery smelling soaps.


DO: Decide in advance how much time (if any) you will spend together over the holidays. Your date might have travel scheduled this season and if the relationship is still new, those plans might not include you. If your date is in town, they may have plans with family. Be respectful of pre-existing plans and mark scheduled dates on your calendar so you have something to look forward to when your date is available.


DON’T: Spend every moment together. Even if you and your date have unlimited free time this season, remember that distance makes the heart grow fonder. Continue with work and social obligations as usual and volunteer somewhere on your own to help spread the holiday cheer. Use your time apart to plan fun dates you will both enjoy the next time you are together.


DO: Give your date options. If you’re going to invite a date over to meet the family, ask them to come just for appetizers or dessert. This keeps your family time special and makes your date feel included – without holding them captive while Aunt Marge tells yet another story about your childhood days. Plan for one to two-hour gatherings when it comes to family time.


DON’T: Bias your date. It’s okay to fill them in on everyone’s interests before the big family get together so it’s easier to find common ground, but don’t let your personal opinions about people make their way onto that list. You never know how people are going to mix, so our matchmakers recommend giving your date the basics and then let them figure everything else out from there.


Are you ready to find the ultimate “do” this holiday season? Contact one of our matchmakers for personalized support and better quality matches. There’s no replacement for the gift of love.

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