The Matchmakers’ Guide to Dating Etiquette

Posted by Kelleher International on Mar 17, 2017 2:34:24 PM

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Technically speaking, the process of dating is two people getting to know each other and testing compatibility with the intention of pursuing a relationship. Whether you’re just getting serious about settling down for the first time, or barely getting back into the dating game after a divorce, keep these tips in mind on your next date to increase your odds of success.

Keep it Fun

Dating, especially in the beginning, should be fun, and it’s both of your responsibility to ensure that it is. It’s important to make sure the time you spend together is enjoyable, regardless of whether it’s your first or fiftieth date. Show up as your best self.

Make Eye Contact

Make sure your date feels like they’re the only person in the room. Male or female, everyone likes to feel special, so be attentive.

Be Courteous

Even if your date isn’t going as well as you hoped, it’s important to remain courteous. However, if your date is going well, be generous with the compliments – your date took special efforts to make time to see you. Refrain from negative comments even in a “joking” manner (about your date, a stranger, the waiter, or anyone for that matter); this sort of behavior could cause your date to rethink the match.

Show Up Physically and Mentally

Unless you called to cancel or reschedule in advance, always show up for your date. It’s never courteous to stand someone up, no matter how busy you are. Time is valuable, and you would never want yours wasted – so reciprocate the gesture and show up or reschedule ahead of time.

And when we say "show up" - that means being mentally and emotionally present for the interaction as well. Dating isn't easy, but trying to do it with walls up is futile, and the ultimate waste of time.

Be on Time

Being late for a date is not only rude, but also shows that you don’t respect your date’s time – especially if you don’t alert them in advance. If you know there is going to be traffic or other delays, send a quick update so your date knows you are on the way.

Manage the Smoking

If you are a smoker and your date is not, try to keep the smoke breaks non-existent or to a minimum. For many people, smoking can be an instant turn-off and may lessen your chances of a second date. Nevertheless, if your date also smokes, you can enjoy the smokers’ patio together.

No Dating History, Please

It’s a dating faux pas to mention any other dates that you have been on or will go on in the future. This falls into the same category as past relationships and marriages. Just keep the conversation light, easy, and respectful. Not sure what to talk about? Tell a story or joke you know is entertaining and you're good at telling. Ask about hobbies, passions and interests... you'll certainly find some common ground and conversation will flow. Relax and be present.

The Follow-Up Call

If you say you are going to call your date, do so. If you don’t see yourself moving forward with this person, don’t promise to call them if you don’t intend to. Be honest! When in doubt, transparency is the better option. Of course, if you do want to see where it goes, give them a call and make a plan for another date.

Following these guidelines while dating will ensure the date goes well and everyone leaves feeling satisfied, and hopefully, ready for a second date! Remember, honesty is the best policy - so if you don’t see the date going anywhere beyond dinner, then get back out there and find someone new. Do not be afraid to try again! Kelleher International has the perfect list of eligible and successful bachelors and bachelorettes. Contact us today to find your perfect match!

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