The One Proven Method to Attract Love

Posted by Kelleher International on Sep 25, 2015 9:10:00 AM

shutterstock_278422559_1From wearing fashionable clothing to trying love potions, people have always been interested in attracting the partner of their choice. The art of attraction is as mysterious as it is elusive, and despite centuries of trying, no one has quite been able to pin down what it is that makes one person love another. There is, however, one method that seems to be universally attractive and increases the chance that the object of your affection will like you back: love yourself! This is easier said than done. The professional matchmakers at Kelleher International have compiled a list of seven ways you can begin a journey toward self-love today to attract better quality relationships and live happier.

Love your quirks. You might think it’s weird to put salsa on your eggs, but someone else probably thinks it’s adorable. The same can be said of your chipped tooth, curly hair or laugh lines. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder; the person you date is likely to be just “your type” so there is no reason to be self-conscious on a date. Accept yourself completely  – because if you don’t, who will? 

Think long term. It’s great to live in the present, but many people focus so much on the little things they forget to ask whether those tiny things even matter in the long run. Broaden your perspective and recognize that not everything has to be perfect for the big picture to play out.

Know yourself. The more we learn about other people the more we know about ourselves. Take yourself out for a nice dinner alone or walk the beach under the moonlight and think about your core values. Are you a religious person? Does having kids really matter to you? What if your soulmate has different opinions? Consider whether you would be willing to change your opinions for a partner and, if so, how much. Do not let anyone push your boundaries too much.

Treat yourself. Whether your weak spot is Michael Kors or ice cream sundaes from the corner shop, treat yourself to a feel-good surprise on a regular basis. These treats give you something to look forward to, and will help boost your mood. There is nothing more attractive than someone who feels good about themselves!

Self-Respect. Respect your body, your decisions and your desires. Do whatever you can to take care of your body and your mental health at all times. Pick up an exercise routine if you can and schedule regular lunch dates with friends. Both of these activities have one thing in common: endorphins! Doing things you enjoy releases feel-good hormones which in turn make you happy.

Be honest. Be honest with others and be honest with yourself. Don’t numb your emotions with shopping, alcohol or comfort food – face them head on, ask yourself why you feel that way, and decide whether a change needs to be made.

Mind Your Own Business. We get it: listening to other people’s opinions and gushing over their lives is fun. People love drama! That’s why tabloid magazines do so well. The truth is focusing on other people’s dirt and spreading gossip only creates unhappiness in your own life. If someone shares a secret with you, do both of you a favor and keep it; better yet, be constructive and think of ways to solve that person’s problem.

With these tips, anyone can begin the journey toward self-love and acceptance that is likely to attract a meaningful relationship. A professional dating service that utilizes international matchmakers is the best way to locate someone who appreciates you for you. Feel confident about what you bring to the table and show off for your next date! If you are ready for the date of a lifetime, complete our contact form and speak with one of our exclusive upscale matchmakers.

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