The Oscars: Finding Gratitude

Posted by Kelleher International on Mar 4, 2016 7:22:30 AM

shutterstock_315961118.jpgEveryone loves the Oscars. Long, flowing gowns, couples walking the red carpet hand in hand, the excitement of guessing who will win awards… There may be a different reason to pay attention to the Oscars: how different couples interact at the Oscars could actually indicate the status of their current romantic relationship. Recent studies show that while breakup rates in Hollywood are still abnormally high, Oscar winners who thanked their partners in their acceptance speeches were far more likely to stay together than those who did not.


Celebrity couples who did not thank their partners in previous Oscars include Emma Thompson, Rachel Weisz and Sandra Bullock, all of whom later split from their long-time partners.


Just how bad is it? The Hollywood Reporter’s independent research of the last 30 years found breakup rates of nearly 60 percent in couples who did not thank their partners compared to a breakup rate of only 40 percent in couples who did. These mirror the U.S.’s national divorce rate, which is currently estimated somewhere between 30 – 50 percent.


These statistics remind us that it takes each person’s best efforts to maintain a relationship – even with the help of professional matchmaking services like Kelleher International. We provide thoughtful introductions, relationship advice and guidance. The quality of your relationship is ultimately up to you.


So, how you do show more gratitude for the one you love? It’s easier than you might think! While a verbal “thank you” is nice, it’s often overused or taken for granted. One study found gifts given out of gratitude improved the desire to build a close connection with the gift giver. This means gratitude displayed early in a relationship could be key to developing a close connection with your date – fast!


The manner in which gratitude is displayed is also important. We tell our clients a quick “thanks” simply doesn’t cut it – you really need to be responsive and explain what that person’s actions meant to you for it to count. Spouses who show appreciation for each other are also less likely to seek divorce later. Gratitude is not just beneficial early on – it is fuel to keep your relationship going long-term!


Other ways to show gratitude:

  • Write a love letter
  • Give compliments
  • Talk your date up to your friends
  • Offer to run an errand for your date
  • Buy them coffee
  • Don’t just listen – take action


Gratitude isn’t just for your partner – it’s for you, too! A 2012 study in Personality and Individual Differences reported that people who express gratitude experience less physical pain and better overall health. Gratitude reduces toxic emotions like envy, frustration and resentment in favor of more beneficial emotions: appreciation, relaxation and empathy.


Thankfully, this year’s Academy Awards did not permit winners to forget significant others in their award acceptance speeches – pre-prepared thank yous scrolled across the bottom of the screen in the form of a ticker. No word yet on how verbal thank yous stack up to the ticker version. But really, we don’t recommend passing up any opportunity to appreciate your partner.

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