How to Handle Gift-Giving at Different Stages of Your Relationship

Posted by Kelleher International on Dec 23, 2016 7:30:00 AM

One of our clients recently wrote to our matchmaking agency in a complete panic: he had been on two dates with the woman of his dreams. She was smart, shared his passion for business and the two of them even supported the same charities. They had been at the same fundraiser the year prior and didn’t even realize it! The problem came when his date mentioned that her birthday was coming up – that weekend. Our client wanted to know whether it was appropriate to get his date a gift this early in the relationship and, if so, how to get her something meaningful without scaring her away.

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The Secret to a Happy Relationship

Posted by Kelleher International on May 27, 2016 9:02:59 AM

Everyone knows at least one serial dater in their lives – if you aren’t one yourself. Our matchmakers have seen it all: from people who never date the same person for more than a few weeks to others who have a new date every night. Serial daters are experts at starting relationships, but soon become dissatisfied and end each relationship quickly before moving on to the next one. New research shows this behavior might not be bad – it’s just a symptom of living in a big city and being left to find dates on your own without any help.

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The Top 5 Relationship Facts You NEED to Know

Posted by Kelleher International on Apr 15, 2016 8:54:33 AM

shutterstock_150582341.jpgMatchmaking services with Kelleher International are more than just dates: we look at each individual client’s profile to learn more about you and what matters most to your relationships. Our services are highly customized and personalized – no two matches are alike.

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Fall in Love… with March Madness!

Posted by Kelleher International on Mar 18, 2016 8:48:06 AM

March Madness has begun and the Kelleher International team is ready! We may not have the best brackets around, but our matchmaking services are still unparalleled – and we’re here to give you some good news about your sports obsession. Contrary to popular belief and the myth of the “sports widow,” watching sports with your significant other can actually be good for your relationship! 

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From Date Night to "Night Night": Dating with Kids

Posted by Kelleher International on Sep 4, 2015 9:26:20 AM

What if we said it was okay to fall in love with two people at the same time? Marriage traditionalists might retch at the thought, but the truth is we live in a world where blended families and complicated situations rule the dating scene. Romantic comedies pitch the concept that falling in love with two people ruins relationships, but the truth is it can strengthen your bond over time and build an unbreakable foundation for a healthy future. They key is to make sure the two people you fall in love with are your significant other and his or her child.

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How to Spot a Rebound with 4 Easy Tips from a Matchmaker

Posted by Kelleher International on Jul 31, 2015 9:33:16 AM

There is nothing worse in the dating world than finding the perfect person only to discover he or she just ended a serious relationship and is not quite ready to move on. The conversation might be wonderful, they might be extremely talented, and your future goals might align perfectly – but if your date is still pining over “happier times” when the so-called “love of their life” was still around, the relationship might still be doomed to failure before it’s even begun. The experts at Kelleher International screen prospective matches carefully not only for compatibility, but also for mental and emotional availability. There is no way to guarantee a date is open to a new relationship, but a professional matchmaking service can certainly tip the odds in your favor.

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5 Emotional Stages of a New Relationship

Posted by Kelleher International on Jun 5, 2015 8:51:52 AM

Wouldn’t it be great to have a road map to love? Well, thanks to modern psychology, there sort of is. Love is a confusing and often dizzying journey, but many of the relationship stages people experience are based on hormones and basic body chemistry. While you’re the one logically deciding “yay or nay,” your body is busy releasing oxytocin, vasopressin, and dopamine to keep you craving more even after you’ve been with someone for many years. Kelleher International explains the five stages of new love – and how to navigate them for a strong, successful relationship.

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What You Have to Know Before Dating Older Men

Posted by Kelleher International on May 8, 2015 8:44:00 AM

Kelleher International caters to singles who are already perfectly capable of getting a date. Our clients are attractive, confident in the direction of their lives, and simply want quality dates who can keep up with their ambitious lifestyles. For women, this could mean considering that your next date might be more than just a few years older. An age difference should never mean missing out on true love. There is no substitute for life experience and that dashing man with salt and pepper hair could very well be the best date you’ve ever had. Here’s everything you need to know about dating an older man – and why it might just be the most satisfying relationship of your life.

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How to Think Like a Team

Posted by Kelleher International on Apr 24, 2015 9:32:49 AM

You don’t have to take part in a cheesy corporate retreat to build teamwork in your relationship. Many couples find working toward the same goals, sharing some common interests, and simply keeping the best interest of their partner in mind is enough to build trust and develop a sense of intimacy, but it takes time to build that kind of rapport with another person. No one comes pre-packaged as a dating expert with all the knowledge required to “make it work.” The simple fact is: people in long-term relationships have a different mindset than people who have been single for long periods of time. The elite matchmakers at Kelleher International have some great tips to transition your thoughts from “me” to “we” and build a solid foundation for your future together.

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Love or Lust: A Map to Your Heart

Posted by Kelleher International on Apr 10, 2015 8:34:03 AM

First dates are exciting experiences: you meet someone new, find yourself surprised at much you have in common, and maybe – if you’re lucky – get a first date kiss! But then, as you walk to your car in a haze of butterflies, you start to wonder if you’ve gotten too excited too quickly. Did you really want to hear all about your date’s holiday doing charity work or were you just dazzled by his dreamy eyes that bear a striking resemblance to a certain television personality? Matchmaking firm Kelleher International has a checklist to help you discover your true feelings about this new special someone.

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