Upgrade 3 Common Boring Date Ideas

Posted by Kelleher International on Aug 7, 2015 8:54:00 AM


While a personalized Kelleher International matchmaker pairs couples based on compatibility, it is still ultimately up to each individual person to make a good first impression and plan dates that will be enjoyable for both parties. The first date is usually something relaxed like lunch or coffee, but planning second (or third) date ideas can become tricky. Don’t let panic drive you to default dating options; surprise your date with creative ideas that give both of you the opportunity to interact, learn something new, and grow together. Upgrade boring date ideas to stand out from the crowd. Your date will thank you.


Original idea: The beach.

While sun and sand might sound like a great idea at first, the beach really doesn’t offer couples many goal-oriented activities. If the conversation dies down, so does the overall experience – and the chances of seeing your date again. Sand gets messy quickly, food and shelter aren’t always readily available, and parking is usually a whole different situation altogether. The only souvenir your date will take home from this date is a bright red sunburn. No thank you!

Try instead: The fair.

This playful take on a date allows you and your date unlimited access to rides, food and, most importantly: shade! You can learn a lot about whether your date is an adrenaline junkie or a safe personality by the types of rides they choose, and you can chat endlessly about your favorite attractions, rides and what to do next. Work on your ring toss skills before this date and you might just win your date a teddy bear and a whole lot of brownie points. Score!


Original idea: Dinner and a movie.

Oh, the classic dinner and a movie: don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with a relaxing night out, especially when it involves good food and the latest romantic comedy. The problem with this date is that once it’s been done, it’s done. The same routine every Saturday night gets old! It’s time to shake things up, break out of your rut, and add some excitement into your night.

Try instead: Cooking class and a moonlight stroll.

The key is to introduce as many interactive dates as possible to encourage teamwork and collaboration. Taking a cooking class together allows you and your date to create something from scratch and interact during the process. Cooking classes teach new skills, reinforce old ones, and always provide a hearty meal afterward for you to enjoy! Share your excitement afterward with a moonlight stroll through quiet, lamp-lit streets. This is the perfect atmosphere for intimate conversation after a fun-filled day of activity.


Original idea: Watching TV at home.

You can’t be serious. This date idea might cut it for committed couples who know each other well and just want a relaxing night at home, but for people who do not live together and are just beginning a new relationship this is a failure waiting to happen. In fact, most people would be fairly offended if the only thought you put into the date was whether you wanted to watch FX or TLC. We get it: you’ve probably had a hard day at work and maybe you both just want to relax. Regardless of your good intentions, sitting on a couch and ignoring each other for two hours does not equal date night.

Try instead: Romantic home-cooked meal followed by stargazing.

If you must stay home, at least make it interesting. Plan a meal in advance and prepare it so everything is just coming out of the oven when your date arrives. Have a table set for two with candles, flowers and nice linens. Swap cooking disaster stories while you eat your (hopefully) delicious meal, and leave your cell phones inside while the two of you trek to a place where the stars are visible. Point out constellations and pick a special star to name after your date. Romance isn’t dead; it was just hiding behind your television set.


Planning dates is tricky in the beginning of a relationship because it can be uncertain what your date will or will not enjoy. If you share common interests, incorporate those into your dates as much as possible. The more time you spend with your date, the easier it will become to plan events that interest both of you. Don’t settle for boring; upgrade whenever possible to something interactive, goal-oriented, and exciting! When it doubt, let Kelleher International’s professional dating service pair you with someone who inspires your romantic side! Contact us today for a customized dating experience selected just for you by an elite matchmaker that will never leave you feeling bored.

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