Want to Live Longer? Fall in Love!

Posted by Kelleher International on Jan 8, 2016 7:38:19 AM

shutterstock_114543190.jpgWant to live longer and enjoy a healthy, happier life? Kelleher International may be the answer. According to a new study published Monday by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, all you need to do is improve your social life! According to some of today’s greatest scientific minds our professional matchmaking services could do more than fulfill your love life; they can improve your overall health and longevity!


The study measured four health markers including obesity, hypertension, stress, and chronic immune responses on more than 14,000 participants at various stages in their lives. Deficits in social relationships such as isolation, lack of support or stressful relationships all increased the likelihood that individuals would experience negative health repercussions. Individuals with rich social lives experienced better physiological outcomes than those who did not.


Our executive matchmakers don’t just improve your social life; we actively search for someone who could be “wife or husband material.” Your relationships matter to us. If having a large group of close friends can do this much for your health, imagine what a relationship with your perfect partner could do for your life!


“Surprisingly enough, having a big social network was more important than having high-quality relationships for people during both adolescence and old age… during mid-adulthood, from about the mid-30s to 50s, the quality of relationships mattered more,” wrote Elahe Izadi of The Washington Post. “The depth and breadth of your social connections will impact your health just as much as diet and exercise.”


The old adage is true: quality over quantity. All it takes is one special person to change your life – if it’s the right person. Forgive us for being a little biased, but our matchmakers don’t recommend leaving this decision to chance. Backed by over 30 years of experience and insight, our expert and caring staff provide the individual attention needed to help find that perfect partner for you


Our team offers the best matchmaking services in the world, which is why Kelleher International’s services are so widely used. It seems our clients knew the secret all along: a quality relationship with the right person does more than make you happy – it can literally add years to your life. You’re welcome!

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