What Is Your Intuition Telling You About Your Relationship?

Posted by Kelleher International on Mar 24, 2017 9:45:27 AM

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Are you in love or lust?

Many studies show a brain in lust looks exactly like a brain on drugs. The powerful surge of hormones that comes from this form of infatuation can inadvertently cause you to project an idealized version of your partner onto them instead of accepting the real person, flaws and all. Though pure lust is based primarily on physical attraction and fantasy, it will more than likely dissipate once the “real person” surfaces. However, that doesn't mean lust cannot lead to love. Time is the ultimate judge of that. As the new wears off and two people begin to know each other more deeply, feelings of genuine love and adoration can bloom. Here are some tips from our Los Angeles matchmakers to help you differentiate lust from love and use your intuition to make better decisions regarding your relationship.

Signs of Lust

  • Only the person’s looks and body appeal to you/them
  • You/they want to have sex, not conversation
  • You/they live in the fantasy aspect, and keep feelings at a distance
  • You/they will leave soon after sex rather than stay to cuddle or spend the night
  • You are lovers, not friends

Signs of Love

  • Quality time outweighs sex
  • You can get lost in conversation and time flies
  • Feelings are important, and you want to make each other happy
  • They make you want to be a better person
  • You want to meet their friends and family

One of the challenges of sexual attraction is staying centered and listening to your gut in the early stages of a relationship. It's not easy, especially with surging hormones, but awareness is essential to making healthy and proactive relationship decisions. Enjoy the steamy, passionate part, but do so with your proverbial "eyes open" so you don’t stumble into trouble.

Four Red Flags in Relationships

  • The little voice saying “beware” or “danger.”
  • You sense discomfort, malaise or feel drained after being together.
  • You feel your attraction turning desperate or destructive.
  • Their treatment makes you feel uncomfortable, but you don't say anything for fear of pushing them away.

When initializing a relationship, it’s important you rely on your intuition and mindfully evaluate any gut feelings that may be causing you discomfort or uncertainty. These feelings don’t always mean something nefarious is underfoot, but you should address them rather than sweeping the potential issues under the rug.

Contact us today if you're ready to take the next step in your life. Our Los Angeles matchmakers have perfected the matchmaking process to ensure the men and women whom we represent are the best of the best, but don't allow your intuition to slip or take a back seat. Your intuition will be the key to deciding whether you want to stay in this budding relationship or move on to the next.

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