What to Know Before Traveling with Your Significant Other

Posted by Kelleher International on Oct 9, 2015 8:32:30 AM

shutterstock_275749991Traveling with a new partner is an exciting and telling experience that can make or break a relationship. The planning process and experiencing new cultures lets couples see each other in a new light. If you don’t already live together, you may feel as if you do after taking a vacation together and staying in close quarters! Professional dating services can help you find the right travel partner, but proper planning is also a critical factor in planning a seamless trip.

Travel Styles. Consider the type of trip you’re taking. Are you jetting off to the Bahamas to stay in a lush resort to be pampered with spa treatments or are you road tripping across the U.S. with occasional bed and breakfast stays along the way? The type of trip you plan says a lot about who you are as a person and how you interact as a couple. Try to choose a vacation that represents your interests and will provide excitement for both of you.

Time of Year. Keep your first vacation together low-key. Avoid traveling for Christmas or Thanksgiving and instead opt for Labor Day weekend or use a random set of dates when no one else will be traveling. Not only does this avoid deciding who spends which major holiday with whose family (or whether you’re spending the holidays apart), but you’ll be able to avoid most of the holiday travel traffic and enjoy a lower stress vacation.

Who Pays? Money does matter when traveling. Discuss finances before booking the trip to make sure you and your date are on the same page. Do you want to split costs evenly or go the more traditional route and have the gentleman pay for all major costs? If one of you covers airfare and accommodations, it would be considerate for the other person to take care of meals and taxi fare. Find a method that works for you to avoid money-related resentment later. There are many money management apps that can help keep track of travel expenses. Consider installing one for your trip to simplify financial tracking.

Scheduling. Plan which major attractions both of you want to see on your trip, but don’t over-extend yourselves with itineraries mapping out every minute of the day. Leave time to wander freely or explore intriguing attractions you didn’t know you would find. Leave room for romance, too! The point of going away together is ultimately to spend time with each other. Find a nice restaurant or order room service and plan an evening in.

Do Your Research. If you’re traveling to a country that’s banned chewing gum, consider investing in a tin of mints instead. Similarly, be respectful of local traditions, customs, cultures, and history. Insensitive comments will not be appreciated by shop owners and tour guides, who only want to help you enjoy your vacation. Consider learning ten helpful phrases in the local language before taking off to show that you’re really trying. The BBC offers free introductory language classes online that many travelers choose to take advantage of.

Wait Until You’re Sure. Don’t travel with your significant other until you’ve been together at least three months and you know your date is relationship material. No one wants to end up like the awkward couple who broke up on an airplane, much to the chagrin of fellow passengers. Be confident in your relationship before taking off together and be ready to field awkward questions from other well-meaning travelers. It isn’t uncommon for people to assume glowing, affectionate couples are on a honeymoon when they’re out together.

Take Pictures. Get excited about your destination and snap photos to commemorate the trip! It’s okay to take selfies and cute couple photos in exotic destinations, as long as you don’t subject your friends to endless slideshows of the occasion. Share just enough so everyone knows you’re not on this awesome adventure alone. Show the world you’re proud to date your travel partner and that the two of you are hopelessly in love and can’t wait for your next adventure.

Be Surprised! Your partner may pleasantly surprise you during your travels together. Perhaps your date is fluent in French or still remembers how to build a campfire from his Boy Scout days. These little things can bring couples closer together. Who knows – you might surprise your date, too!

Travel can bring out the best (or worst) in people. You will learn how well your date adapts to change, whether they prefer posh hotels over quaint accommodations, and even how well they pick up on new languages or customs. Be patient with your date and take their preferences into account for your next trip together. Exclusive dating services provided by international matchmakers have the added benefit of matching well-traveled couples with each other or introducing people from opposing parts of the world based on compatibility. There is no better way to expand your horizons and conquer the world with your love! Call (415) 332-4111 for more information about Kelleher International’s upscale matchmakers and executive dating services.

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