What You Have to Know Before Dating Older Men

Posted by Kelleher International on May 8, 2015 8:44:00 AM


Kelleher International caters to singles who are already perfectly capable of getting a date. Our clients are attractive, confident in the direction of their lives, and simply want quality dates who can keep up with their ambitious lifestyles. For women, this could mean considering that your next date might be more than just a few years older. An age difference should never mean missing out on true love. There is no substitute for life experience and that dashing man with salt and pepper hair could very well be the best date you’ve ever had. Here’s everything you need to know about dating an older man – and why it might just be the most satisfying relationship of your life.


He appreciates you. A good woman only comes around once in a while and he knows it! Older men appreciate women with vitality and a fresh new perspective on life. Your energy will keep him on his toes and he will be eager to please you, too. Past relationships have already taught him how to keep a woman happy, so sweet gestures and compliments will be plentiful. Expect him to show you off – after all, you’re a catch and he knows it!


His career is secure. You’ll never again be blown off because your date “really has to focus on his career.” Older men have already explored different career choices and know where their strengths lie. They have discovered the secret to work-life balance and know when it’s time to turn off their cell phones. Older men tend to have established careers they enjoy, contributing to overall happiness, too.


He’ll surprise you. Older men have years of additional experience they have gained from traveling, working, and learning about the world, so your date will definitely be able to keep up with a stimulating conversation. You will no longer hear the same tired, boring references; an older date has new perspectives to offer based on life experience.


He knows what you want. Some things just get better with age and, like a fine wine, sex is more enjoyable with maturity. The bedroom becomes an exciting place of adventure with an older man. He’s been there, done that, and he knows what works. You’ll never have to worry about being doomed to unenjoyable sex or teaching him new tricks because he’s already mastered them – and you get to enjoy the benefits!


Old-fashioned values. Holding the door open for you or writing an actual love letter are not beyond your mature date. He believes in courtship, romance and the art of conversation. If it rains, this guy will share his umbrella and give you his coat. In short, he wants to take you out and treat you like a lady, and we’re okay with that.


Love knows no age; if you are on a date with the right person, conversation will flow, stories will present themselves, and you will be eager to learn more about this fascinating person in front of you. Age should never dictate that someone relegate themselves to the house to watch black and white films on AMC. Older men have lived, experienced exhilarating things, and they are eager to create new memories with you, too. This is a chance for both of you to connect based on shared interests and adventures you have both always hoped to take.


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