Winter Warm-Up

Posted by Kelleher International on Feb 2, 2018 12:51:00 PM

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It’s the time of year when many singles find themselves in recovery mode. The holiday parties and New Year festivities are a distant memory, and the resolutions made become more like suggestions. It’s tough being a busy professional and single socialite full-time. You’re tired, and the winter blues are setting in.

With short days and long evenings, it's easy to forego the social invites and cozy up with your dog and a bottle of wine instead. It would be so easy to take a social hibernation until spring, but the Kelleher matchmakers are sharing why you should stay active in your pursuit of romance and finding your perfect match.

Balance is vital, especially during the winter. When nature moves into reset mode, naturally, so do we. But reset doesn’t mean curling up until spring and then doubling down on your health and wellness regimen trying to get your beach-body ready for mating season.

Director of Matchmaking, Kimberly Colgate encourages you to focus on yourself now. “Take a careful look at your overall health and wellness and put a plan together with attainable goals that feel good. Maybe you join a cycle class or try that juice cleanse. It can be as simple as committing to twenty minutes of movement a day. I think of the winter months as a great time to prep for mating season when everyone wants to look and feel their best - with or without clothes.”

Staying active not only fuels your body but also feeds your mind and spirit. The domino effect created by the endorphin release of exercise enables you to stay connected to your sense of hope and create space for the personal growth necessary to find and be a great partner.

Kimberly suggests some fun you-centric activities, “Take a cooking class to improve your skills and meet new people. Incorporate meditation into your daily routine to quiet that negative, nagging voice in your head. Stay mentally sharp by learning and practicing a foreign language. Revive your closet, buy new lingerie, have a spa day... this is a time for you!”

And when you do meet someone interesting in that cooking class, the winter provides a unique opportunity to get to know them in more intimate settings. Summers are for big group pool parties while winter is for occupying the cozy booth by the fireplace sharing stories and connecting one-on-one.

If you’re feeling the chemistry, the Kelleher matchmakers share some of their favorite winter date suggestions to stoke the flames.

“In life and love, experiences tend to mean the most. I find seasonal adventures can be some of the most memorable. You’ll likely forget the dozens of dinner and movie dates you’ve been on in your life, but you’ll never forget the time your date took you ice skating,” CEO Amber Kelleher smiles.

“Maybe it’s because I love the movie Serendipity so much, but to me, there is something super romantic about ice skating. I realize risking life and limb on the unforgiving ice isn’t for everyone, but for the brave and adventurous it's a place where seemingly silly insecurities can't be sugar-coated. It's hard to be someone you’re not while trying to stand on two blades and balance,” Amber laughs. “It takes vulnerability. Unless you’re on a date with a pro skater, you’ll quickly catch a glimpse into the core of the person. Take the opportunity to hold a hand or pick her up is she falls. Men, you can be her valiant guardsman for the night! Women, let yourself feel carefree and supported. Recap the evening over a hot cup of cocoa. If all goes well you’ll share a lot of laughs, gained trust and closeness you can’t get over coffee or a movie.”

Matchmaker Patty Russell offers, “What better way to spend a cold winter evening than with wine, Netflix, and a new flame. One of my favorite date nights is cooking together while enjoying a lovely bottle of wine. If you feel the evening is going well, offer dessert or an after-dinner drink and learn about each others’ taste in movies or Netflix originals.”

“A lot of my clients appreciate winter day dates while they’re in the early stages of getting to know someone. Of course, it can still be very romantic to bundle up on a cold day and go snowshoeing or take a beautiful hike and enjoy the precious sunshine and nature together. Winter can be a magical time to find and be with someone special,” Patty adds.

Kelleher’s Shawna Quinn is a fan of sports-centric winter dates, “I find when it's cold outside, it's energizing to have a date centered around the anticipation and excitement of a sporting event. Several of my clients rave about first dates they had at Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars games. Whether you enjoy the connected energy of rooting for the same team or the playful banter of cheering for opposing teams, post-game typically calls for drinks and game-replay chatter. In most cases, people are in a fun, relaxed mood and the collective energy flows.”

How’s that for a winter warm-up?

Do you have questions for the Kelleher matchmakers? Maybe you have a favorite winter date idea you'd like to share? Or a cold weather motivator that helps you maintain your health and wellness routine? We’d love to hear from you, too. Leave a comment or question for our matchmakers below.

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