Workplace Romance? Try This Instead

Posted by Kelleher International on Feb 26, 2016 6:30:39 AM

shutterstock_351369941.jpgOur clients fit a very specific profile. We hear from successful single professionals on a regular basis and they all have the same complaint: “it’s not that I can’t get a date – I’m just too busy to seek them out.”


It is estimated that 78 percent of people who work 30 – 50 hours each week spend more time with coworkers than they do at home or with their families. This number is significantly higher for those who run their own businesses or have C-level titles. Miscellaneous phone calls, text messages and quick “check-ins” to the office can make it difficult to keep track of how much time you actually spend working each week.


It is important to encourage friendship in the workplace, as this boosts employee morale, enhances trust, and boosts productivity in the office. But what happens when that friendship crosses the line into something romantic?


According to our matchmakers, nothing good. We have heard far too many tales of woe to ever recommend workplace romance as a viable option when seeking a life partner. Our clientele have simply spent too much time building their careers to throw it all away on something that likely is not an ideal match.


Potential drawbacks of workplace romance are catastrophic. Rumors spread quickly, especially in close work environments. Colleagues who find out about the relationship will suddenly be on the watch for favoritism and will likely find it, regardless of whether or not their perceptions are accurate. Many people report difficulty keeping their personal lives out of the office. Relationships can lead to false sexual harassment claims or even deliberate sabotage of an ex’s career. Even if the couple does not break up right away, there is also the issue of spending too much time together. Not only will you see each other in the office, but also when you leave to go on dates. Distance can’t make the heart grow fonder if you’re never apart.


We have an alternative solution to propose: call a Kelleher International matchmaker! Our services are professional, confidential and effective. After all, what busy professional doesn’t want an experienced wingman on their side?


People seek out our matchmaking services specifically because they have heard Kelleher International is the best. We listen to our clients, evaluate your needs, and locate other successful singles who fit your profile. We operate independently while you tend to business obligations, look after your investments, and go about your life.


Our matchmakers are renowned for their intuition when setting up introductions. After all, no dating site can gauge a couple’s chemistry prior to meeting. Even if someone looks good on paper, it really takes a personal touch to evaluate whether they might be a good match for you.


What are you waiting for? Enlist our expert team of matchmakers to handle your dating life. The date of your dreams is likely already in our database!

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